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The "Renshu Medical" brand includes a full range of products such as adult rehabilitation spa, sports rehabilitation spa, children's rehabilitation spa, elderly rehabilitation spa, rehabilitation spa assistance, and focuses on the spa research and development of intelligent rehabilitation equipment in the fields of neurological rehabilitation, bone and joint rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, children's rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation and other medical fields. At present, "Renshu Medical" brand products have been settled in more than 100 professional rehabilitation institutions, and the products are suitable for all rehabilitation spa departments

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As a national high-tech enterprise, our company has "credit grade 3A certificate", "Environmental management system certification ISO14001, occupational health and environmental management system certification ISO45001, quality management system certification ISO9001", At the same time, it has obtained the export certification of "Medical rehabilitation treatment spa bath CE" and international ROHS green environmental protection certification.

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Renshu Medical equipment R & D team has been focusing on the big health industry for ten years, and has now become the first domestic group technology enterprise integrating the overall design of spa products, customized product design, technical research and development, equipment manufacturing, standardized spa room construction program output and product sales. The company has specialized the application range of products, forming a one-stop service including adult spa equipment, children's spa equipment, elderly care bath spa equipment, transfer assistance devices, water training series devices, spa rehabilitation information integrated system, overall spa room renovation and decoration. Renshu Medical Group's business covers 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Product users cover more than 340 medical institutions, disabled persons' federations, schools and so on. With its professional research and development team and senior consultant team in the rehabilitation industry, Renshu Medical Group has obtained 12 national patents, 20 software Copyrights, 6 high-tech products, and more than 130 rehabilitation spa products, serving more than 100 million patients every year.

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