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Hydrotherapy, because of its excellent rehabilitation effect, has always been highly respected at home and abroad. With the development of modern medical treatment, the methods and curative effects of hydrotherapy have changed dramatically.

Aquatic Rehab Center

While the spa industry in Europe and the United States is booming, the domestic spa is still in its initial stage. In 2011, in order to improve the rehabilitation effect of the people, the founder of the brand took "scientific and technological innovation, universal benefit to the people" as his responsibility, and created a set of R & D, production and sales as one of the Renshu medical.

The Renshu medical brand was born。

After 12 years of accumulation and precipitation, Renshu Medical has gradually realized the optimization transformation from "rehabilitation spa" to "smart rehabilitation spa", from "rehabilitation spa equipment research and development and manufacturing" to "standardized rehabilitation spa overall solution". In the end, it has become a domestic first-class water treatment equipment brand integrating the overall design of spa products, customized product design, technical research and development, equipment manufacturing, standardized spa room construction program output and product sales.

Renshu Hydrotherapy Device Manufacture

Renshu Medical product line has been continuously optimized and expanded, covering adult spa equipment, children's spa equipment, elderly care bath spa equipment, transfer assistance devices, water training series devices, rehabilitation training spa pool, etc., providing one-stop rehabilitation treatment solutions for people of different ages and needs.

Up to now, Renshu Medical has covered 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, serving more than 100 million people every year. A total of 12 national patents, 20 software Copyrights, 6 high-tech products.

Ren -- for love.

Shu -- for technology.

Renshu Medical has never forgotten its original intention and insists on making it with science and technology

Renshu Medical Aquatic device producer