Reverse Flow technique

The countercurrent technique is a common spa device that works by creating a stream of water that flows in the opposite direction to provide a massage and relaxation effect. Its technical principle mainly includes the following aspects:

Reverse Flow

Principle of water dynamics: Countercurrent technology uses a system of pumps and nozzles to produce high-speed water flow, which creates a massage effect through the dynamic effects of water. The speed and pressure of the water flow can be controlled by adjusting the working parameters of the pump and nozzle.

Flow direction control: Countercurrent technology makes water flow in the opposite direction by controlling the direction and position of the nozzle. This creates a massaging effect on the body, stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

Water flow speed and pressure regulation: The pump system in counter-flow technology can adjust the speed and pressure of the water flow according to the needs of the user. Higher water speed and pressure can provide a more intense massage effect, while lower water speed and pressure are suitable for relaxation and soothing.

Water purification and recycling: Spa facilities in counter-current technology are often equipped with water purification and recycling systems that filter and disinfect the water to ensure clean and sanitary water. This ensures the safety and comfort of the spa process.

All in all, the countercurrent technique provides a massage and relaxation effect by creating a flow of water in the opposite direction and by regulating the speed and pressure of the flow. It is a common spa device that promotes the body's blood circulation, muscle relaxation and physical and mental health.