Vortices  is a common water flow effect in hydrotherapy, and its principle of action mainly includes the following aspects:

Whirlpool stimulation of muscles: The water generated by whirlpool can massage and stimulate human muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrition to muscles, and relieving muscle fatigue and tension.

Hydrodynamic effect generated by eddy currents: Eddy currents can produce hydrodynamic effects, such as the thrust and resistance of the water flow through the formation of vortices and swirls, and then produce certain water pressure and hydrodynamic stimulation, which produces certain massage and stimulation effects on the human body.

The soothing and relaxing effect of the vortex: The rotation and flow of the vortex can create a soothing and relaxing feeling that helps relieve tension and anxiety and promotes relaxation of the body and mind.

Vortices in Hydrotheapy

Whirlpool hydromassage effect: The rotation and flow of whirlpool water can simulate the massage action of fingers, and carry out hydromassage on the human body, which helps to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, and promote physical rehabilitation and health.

In summary, the principle of eddy current in hydrotherapy mainly includes muscle stimulation, hydrodynamic effect, soothing and relaxing effect, and hydromassage effect. These effects help improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue and tension, and provide a comfortable spa experience.