Community Hospital

Medical hydrotherapy is a treatment that promotes human health through the physical, chemical and biological effects of water. In community hospitals, medical spas can be used in the following ways:

Pain management: Medical spas can reduce pain through the buoyancy and temperature of the water. For example, a hot bath can relieve joint pain and muscle spasms, while a cold bath can reduce inflammation and swelling.

elderly water treatment

Rehabilitation: Medical spa treatments can be used for rehabilitation to help patients regain motor function. The buoyancy of the water reduces the gravity load on the body and reduces stress on the joints and muscles, thus making exercise easier to perform. In addition, water resistance can increase muscle strength and stability.

Relaxation and stress: Medical spas can help people relax and reduce stress and anxiety through the massage effects of warm baths and water. Massage with water can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and improve sleep quality.

Mental health: Medical spas can also be used for mental health treatments. The immersion and buoyancy of water can help people feel relaxed and happy, promoting the balance of body and mind. In addition, spa treatments can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms by promoting relaxation of the body and mind.

In community hospitals, medical spas can be guided and supervised by professional medical staff to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Attention also needs to be paid to personal hygiene and water cleanliness to prevent the risk of infection.