Beadhouse and Nursing house

The application of medical spa in nursing homes can provide comprehensive health care and comfortable experience for the elderly. Here are a few common applications of medical spas in nursing homes:

Spa bath: By soaking in warm water and massage, it can relieve muscle soreness and joint pain in the elderly, promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relieve stress and anxiety.

Spa therapy: The minerals and heat in hot springs can boost blood circulation and metabolism in the elderly, relieve arthritis and muscle pain, while providing a relaxing and soothing effect.

Water exercise: Water exercise is ideal for the elderly because the buoyancy of the water can reduce the pressure on the joints and lessen the impact of the exercise on the body. The elderly can participate in water swimming, water aerobics and other activities to enhance muscle strength, flexibility and cardiopulmonary function.

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Hydromassage: The unique massage technique performed in water can relieve muscle tension and pain, promote blood circulation, and provide a relaxing effect for the body and mind at the same time.

Spa treatments: For common health problems in the elderly, such as arthritis, insomnia, circulatory problems, etc., spa treatments can be used to relieve symptoms and improve overall health.

The application of medical spa in nursing homes requires professional nursing staff and facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of the elderly. Before introducing medical spa treatments, consultation and evaluation should be carried out to ensure that the elderly have no contraindications and can benefit from them