Water Spa Application In Rehab Center

Medical hydrotherapy is a treatment that promotes healing through the physical properties and thermal effects of water. Its application in rehabilitation hospitals mainly includes the following aspects:

Joint and muscle rehabilitation: Medical spas can provide buoyancy, relieve the load on joints and muscles, promote joint movement and muscle relaxation. Through sports and exercises in the water, you can increase the range of motion of the joints, increase muscle strength and endurance, and help in rehabilitation.

Pain management: The buoyancy and pressure of water can relieve pressure on joints and muscles, relieving pain and discomfort. The warm effect of water can also improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling, thus reducing pain.

Balance and coordination training: Balance and coordination training in the water provides stable support and reduces the risk of injury. Water resistance can increase the difficulty of training and improve balance and coordination.

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation: The buoyancy of water can reduce the weight of the body and reduce the load on the heart and lungs. Water sports and exercises can improve cardiorespiratory function and enhance cardiorespiratory endurance.